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Looking Ahead to the 2024 Real Estate Market

Updated: Feb 15

As we start a new year, the real estate market is once again shifting. Many experts, including myself, project that rates will finally start to decline. As that happens, I anticipate that there will be an influx of buyers, and eventually sellers when rates are low enough, ready to enter the market.

This month I’m sharing information on the state of the housing market, historical interest rates and some well-researched stats on why the typical homeowner moves.


I’m here to answer any questions you may have about real estate and help you through every step of your future home sale or purchase. Please feel free to reach out any time, or schedule a time for us to speak!

My best,

If you haven't already, watch our 2023 market halftime report:

🏡 Recap the latest in the 2023 real estate market through our Half-Time Report video! As predicted, rates have started declining pushing us back into a robust sellers' market, and it's only poised to get stronger. 📈 Learn why it's crucial to act now before interest rates drop enough that the competition surges. Get ahead of the curve and capitalize on the opportunities this current market holds 🚀 Subscribe for essential market insights and strategies! 🏡👜  Here's everything you need to know, in about 8 minutes!

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