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Navigating School Redistricting in Anne Arundel County: Vital Resources for Staying Informed

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

As Anne Arundel County continues to grow, changes in school redistricting are inevitable. Staying informed about these changes is essential for parents and guardians. In this article, we'll share two critical resources to help you stay updated.

1. AACPS Redistricting Website (

  • Announcements: This website provides the latest updates and announcements related to school redistricting in Anne Arundel County. Check here for breaking news and essential dates.

  • Public Engagement: Learn about upcoming public meetings and forums where you can voice your opinions and concerns about redistricting proposals. Active participation can influence decisions.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Find answers to common questions about the redistricting process and access a variety of helpful resources to deepen your understanding.

Stay informed by visiting the AACPS Redistricting website regularly and subscribing to their updates.

2. Interactive Redistricting Map (

  • Map Visualization: This interactive map allows you to visualize the proposed redistricting changes in Anne Arundel County. It provides a clear picture of how your area might be affected.

  • Zoom and Explore: Dive into the map to get a detailed view of specific neighborhoods, schools, and proposed boundary adjustments.

  • By exploring the Interactive Redistricting Map, you can gain a direct understanding of the changes that may impact your community.

Staying informed about school redistricting changes in Anne Arundel County is vital for parents, guardians, and community members. The AACPS Redistricting website and Interactive Redistricting Map are indispensable resources that offer comprehensive information and interactive tools to keep you in the know. These changes very likely will have effects on the value of your real estate, so stay engaged, make your voice heard, and actively participate in shaping the future of education in your community. If you want to know what impact this may have on your home purchase or sale, just reach out!


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