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Devon - Buyer / Seller

Vishal and Kory were both amazing during the entire home selling and home buying process. They assisted me with selling my condo, including suggestions to help prepare and show my condo which led to multiple offers and ended up getting 10k over the asking price (which was already more than I expected)! Also included a rentback to help get us time to find a new place. Buyers were a little difficult and began asking for more cleaning than what we had already agreed upon, but Vishal handled it and even paid for half of the carpet cleaning fee (the other half came from the buyers, no money out of my pocket!) to get things done and over with. The buying process was great as well. Vishal was able to use his existing relationship with the listing agent and negotiation to get them to accept our offer, even when they had better offers on the table! Ended up getting the house for 5k less than it appraised for, all closing costs covered, and even a 5k credit to help with repairs on an "as-is" contract (which covered some of the closing cost but also went towards the actual loan since we were already getting so much money from the seller)! He also took us to see multiple houses over multiple weekends and never became impatient like I've experienced with other agents who just want to make the sell. Consistent communication with both Vishal and Kory during the entire process. 100% would recommend and will use again if we ever find ourselves back in the market!

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