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  • As of January 2019, over $74 million in sales with over 300 families moving closer to THEIR American Dream.

  • Full Time Licensed Realtor Since 2006

  • Completed High School in 3 years

  • Featured Realtor on HGTV in a full-length episode of “My First Place”

  • 2 full time business coaches employed to help us continue raising the bar exponentially

  • Since inception, 91% of our clients were referred to us by past/present/future clients because they are so thrilled with our services

  • 8% of our budget appropriated for education & training for the entire team

  • Former Candidate for the NAR Top 30 under 30 in the Nation

  • Top 1% of Realtors Nationwide

  • Requested for speaking events and hosting mastermind events

  • Active Investor in Real Estate with an average return on investment of at least 12%

  • Business operates well below projected budget model, so we are fiscally responsible & financially solvent

  • Full Time Director of Operations on staff to ensure smooth execution of each transaction & a consistent response time for our clients’ needs.

  • Satellite office locations for convenience when meeting face to face

  • Great Reputation in Local and National Realtor Community

  • Oracle Certified Professional, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, A+ Certifications before the age of 18 – WE KNOW TECHNOLOGY.

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 2006 (UMBC) – 3.38 GPA


When the market is favoring the Seller, it may seem like a slam-dunk to sell a home. But there are so many ways things can go wrong for a seller who tries to represent themselves in selling a home.


The legal aspects of the contract alone are getting harder to navigate and seller’s need a professional that can write a solid contract, protecting their interests. In this fast market, of an average of 15 days on the market, using an Agent is more likely to get a fair market value for your home, assist with qualified buyers, and make sure your investment is represented properly and sold.


  1. We have a ton of training! Buying a home requires lots of forms, reports, documents, disclosures, and other technical stuff. We can help you prepare an offer, advise you with contingencies, avoid costly mistakes, and delays in the process.

  2. We have even more search power than you do when it comes to finding listings that fit your criteria.

  3. We know how to negotiate. It’s our job to help you be successful in this market. Knowing what to negotiate and what favors not to ask is part of our skill set.

  4. We are connected to everyone in the industry. We make it our job to know everyone that can possibly help in the process of buying. Mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, stagers, and more, are in our network.

  5. Whether you are buying from a friend or relative, you should have someone that has your back representing your interests. Buying a home is one of the largest purchases you will ever make.

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