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Howard County offering favorable rehab loans to income-eligible homeowners!

This is a GREAT program for those who are eligible. Funds can be used to make needed repairs and improvements so residents can stay in their homes longer!

The home repairs can be done to meet local housing codes for health and safety conditions, address outstanding maintenance, and rehabilitate the home cosmetically to encourage residents to stay in their homes. Repairs may include but are not limited to: heating and air conditioning systems, electrical improvements, plumbing, roof replacements, installation of windows and doors, painting and even landscaping.

Reinvest*Renovate*Restore (RRR) Program

Home Rehabilitation Loan Program

The RRR home rehabilitation loan program can be used to assist income eligible Howard County homeowners make necessary repairs to their homes and improve overall neighborhood appearance in some cases.

Accessibility needs?

This program can also be utilized to cover the cost of necessary improvements that would assist with mobility, hearing, vision, or other special needs throughout the home, making it a safe and comfortable environment for you or your loved ones. Exterior ramps, chair lifts, height adjustments, and grab bars are just some of the modifications that can be made through the program for eligible households.

Who is eligible?

Must own a single family home, townhome, condo, or mobile home in Howard County.

Occupy the home full time as the principal residence.

Have owned the property for at least one year.

Household gross annual income does not exceed 80% of Howard County’s average median income (AMI; see chart for details).

Debt to income ratio (DTI) does not exceed 45%.

All dues such as mortgage, property taxes, homeowners’ insurance, and HOA/Condo fees must be current and up to date.

Credit score of at least 620.

Loan to value (LTV) of the home cannot exceed 110%.

Income Limits - See below for the maximum income limits for your family.

Application process:

Submit fully completed application packet via email, certified mail, or in-person.

You will then be contacted by the Loan Coordinator to confirm your application has been received.

Your information will be processed, and a soft credit pull will be conducted.

If eligible, you will be asked to provide proof of homeownership, tax filing status, assets, etc.

Application is sent to Loan Review Committee for final approval.


Application for the RRR Home Rehabilitation Loan Program - Please visit the article link below.

Program Description and Income Limits - Please visit the article link below.

Please call 410-313-6333, Monday - Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with questions or concerns.

DISCLAIMER: Program guidelines are subject to change. Applicants are responsible for re-payment of the loan immediately after loan closure. This loan is not intended to assist with renovations for re-sale. There is a 10% penalty due immediately if the home is sold or foreclosed within 5 years of loan disbursement.


The Howard County Housing Department also administers the Maryland Housing Rehabilitation Program (MHRP) and the Maryland Whole Home program to County homeowners on behalf of the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. The program offers low-interest loans and grants to assist homeowners with home upgrades and repairs. The household income limits and loan underwriting criteria are established by the State. For more information, contact the Howard County Department of Housing at 410-313-6333.


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